Dance like nobody is watching

Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost. (Pina Bausch)

Instructed by Anamaria Guguian

7 Day Challenge Description

I challenge you to a healthy and happy routine that has the potential to make your day better, every day. A routine that you can practice everywhere and at any time, doesn't require special equipment, special abilities or money in order do it. This practice has the potential to boost your immune system in a natural way. This practice is dance, one dance every day for 7 days. I’m talking about a 5 minutes practice every day.

What am I going to get from this 7 Day Challenge?

Every day I will invite you to focus on a certain aspect and offer you a song to dance on. You will need 5 minutes a day and some speakers or headphones in order to practice. You can choose the place and the hour suitable for you to dance. You don’t need an athletic body or previous experience in dance in order to accomplish this challenge. You just need to be curious and move your body, the dance will show up!

Learning Journey

About the Instructor

Profile Picture
Anamaria Guguian

Hello! I am Anamaria, dancer, choreographer and the founder of I Dance You, a soul project that aims to bring together people passionate about dance, with a desire for artistic expression and inner growth.

I love creating contexts for people to dance. I truly believe that everybody can dance and that dance is a universal language that helps us connect better with our body, our emotions and with other fellow people.

My work is about demolishing limitative thoughts concerning dance, thoughts that often keep us away from one of the most natural and healthy movement practices.

I currently live and work in Romania, were I contribute to the local dance community by organizing dance workshops, performances and other movement invitations via online programs.

Considering the present pandemic context where most of our days are spent sited and with our attention raptured by our thoughts, I believe that we are in danger to become more and more disembodied, disconnected from our bodies. This is why, I invite you to a gentle and simple practice that can help you reinhabit your beautiful body.

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