LIVING FULL Through Cyclical Living

Embodied cyclical wisdom for an authentic life

Instructed by Vix Anderton

Length: 7 days

Format: videos, worksheet, audio, text

7 Day Challenge Description

This 7-day challenge will introduce you to the principles of cyclical living as a route to Living Full.

You'll get clear on what a full-filled life means to you and learn simple and practical tools that will help you develop a healthier relationship with the four phases of any cycle. You'll leave with tools that you can apply and integrate into your life.

Who is this 7 Day Challenge for?

This challenge is for everyone. Whilst some women may choose to apply these tools to their menstrual cycle, this is a principle-based approach that can be applied to any cycle in your life from your circadian rhythm to the project management cycle.

Learning Journey

About the Instructor

Profile Picture
Vix Anderton
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